May News

Today we celebrate the namesake of San José Café, St. Joseph the Worker, honoring all workers!  In some countries including Honduras, today is celebrated as International Worker’s Day – fun fact: “As a counter-celebration to the communist’s May Day”, Pope Pius XII established the feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1st. Also, President Grover Cleveland of the United States also decided to move Labor Day to September due to “discomfort with its socialist origins”.  Either way, let’s come together to celebrate and support workers today!

Our continued prayers are with those who go without work during these difficult times, especially day-laborers in Honduras who are struggling to survive as this crisis continues: Click here to support our COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Honduras.  THANK YOU to several of you for your great generosity you showed to me and this project after our April post.  Your generosity is truly sustaining this project, allowing it continue – the need is still great (donate here), but we are trusting the Lord will continue to provide!

Finally, please join us next Friday evening, May 8th at 8:00pm (Eastern) for a live concert by Wilmer Hernández from Honduras to be streamed on our San Jose Café Facebook page!  A virtual “tip jar” will be provided to support Wilmer and his family during these difficult times.  As many of you know, this project especially hopes to provide a means for “good, honest work” to those of the developing world who would normally not have access and for youth and young adults in the US – including the very good work of music and the arts!  When the coffee shop opens, we also hope to have live music on a regular basis but in the meantime, see you on-line!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and keep on persevering through these times. You got this!

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