February News

HIGHLIGHTS: Deciding to “skip” the rest of winter, I went south for a few weeks to find additional support for the coffee shop – the plan is for San José Café products to be available across the US via our future on-line store. CourseVector, an awesome tech organization in Harrisburg that helps nonprofits (free of charge) is helping create sanjosecafe.org. Stay tuned!

Thank you to the men of Austin, Texas for your support at the Diocesan Men’s Conference (and for fellow Missioner Christine Sutherland making the sacrifice of helping at the conference all day even though she was very pregnant!). 

Also, a big thank you to the young adults (and the generous “church ladies”) of Miami, FL for also sharing their support!

CURRENT NEEDS: There is still no heat or water in the coffee shop – we especially need a plumber to fix the water at the store and install a new bathroom. I have made multiple solid connections in the local area with genuine men, however the demand is high in this rural area and they are busy with other projects continuing to say “next month” – please pray for a “holy haste” for this project!

I am still looking for a customs broker or someone familiar with the process of importing products. Cesar, the Honduran Missioner helping me lead this project said it has been very difficult trying to find the right person with the right information to certify their coffee farm, since – to be frank – corruption and jealously plague the coffee business (exactly the reason to do this project!). For instance, one person will say they need some expensive machine to be “certified” but then someone else says they don’t… either way they need lots of money to be able to export coffee (remember, every dollar you give toward this project goes a long way!)

Finally, we still need part-time interns (men or women) and full-time missionaries (men only) for this summer! One or two men have shown interest, but we will need a few more to be able to operate the shop (free room, board, and meals in exchange for working at the café & a chance to build up your resume!).

You get the idea…this MASSIVE project still has a long way to go – very much like an arduous, long journey through a desert – BUT I have great faith that we will make it to the end. Plus, the poor are always worth the sacrifice!

Please continue to carry this project with your prayers and know you and your families are in mine.

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