December News

Merry Christmas everyone! (Remember, the Christmas season is longer than just one day!)

As 2020 comes to a close, I look back on these past two years for San José Café and am filled with deep gratitude – gratitude to all of you for showing your support and gratitude for the invaluable experiences gained. We learned what to do and what not to do to initiate this type of project. We built relationships centered in Christ and we even worked together across different denominations toward a common goal of helping Christ in the poor! Although we were not able to establish a formal means for exporting the products from Honduras yet, we were able to send over $1400 back to the Honduran workers to support their families, giving them a somewhat larger market than they would have otherwise had in 2019.  Thank you! The situation 2020 brought made it nearly impossible to move forward as we had in 2019, however, we are continuing to trust God knows what is best and the project will still move forward in a different but God-willing even better way… one step at a time.

What’s Next

After some much-needed time of praying about and planning for the next step, San Jose Café will continue on a much smaller scale for the moment.  It will still support the people of Honduras, however, the plan is for it to become a separate Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).  I am currently looking for full time work back in my home state of Florida (please pray for my job search!) and will continue to move forward with the project as a “side hustle”.  The plan is to establish the business on-line as we continue to determine the best way to import products and make them available to you.  Our website (, Facebook and Instagram page will continue to stay active as well as this newsletter.

Coffee is Available!

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Honduras earlier this month and was able to bring back some coffee. Check out our social media for footage in the coffee fields from my trip! – Please follow our page and comment on our posts or share our posts to help show your support.  There are about 20 bags of coffee available (12 oz, whole bean).  Contact me if you are interested in a bag.  There are also several rosaries, rosary bracelets, keychains, and more still available as depicted here on  Instead of having 50% go toward the project, all (100%) of proceeds will go toward our mission in Honduras.  For now (limited time offer!), the suggested donation for the coffee is just $10.00, for rosaries is $5.00, for rosary bracelets is $3.00, and for keychains is $2.00; plus shipping.  However, I encourage you to donate additional support if you are able since our mission took a major financial hit this year, perhaps even consider giving $10 a month or any amount you are able here:

You are in my prayers. Stay tuned!

St. Joseph, pray for us!

Nick Higgins

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