April News

First, I would like to share some Good News with you. JESUS IS RISEN! ? HAPPY EASTER! Second, here are some highlights:

PRODUCT UPDATE: When life gives you lemons… get creative! You can make more than just lemonade… you can make lemon meringue pie, pasta with lemon zest, and much more… Because we are not able to access coffee right now, I have been focusing on developing some other creative products with the Honduran missionaries. For example, I wrote a children’s book inspired by this project and one of the Hondurans is illustrating it.  Also, another Honduran is working on an album of original music which we hope to eventually sell at the shop!

VOLUNTEER: Multiple young men have registered/applied to serve this summer with the coffee shop – Praise God! We are accepting applications through April 30 if anyone knows someone else who may be interested in coming (May 27 – Aug 5). Because of the unexpected delay to the project with the virus, the focus of this summer will be finishing fixing up the shop.

Also, fellow missionary, Anna, finished painting our sign!

SUPPORT: If you find you have an extra $1200 or so on hand and would like to donate it to a missionary, I’m not getting paid this month because of the current situation and would be sincerely grateful if you would like to support me, allowing me to keep this San Jose Cafe project moving forward to help the poorest of the poor and bring Christ to others! ***All donations are 501(c)3 tax deductible. Thank you. As always, may God bless you abundantly for your generosity! Click here to donate.

Praying for you always. Especially on Wednesdays.

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